One Thing To Remember After The Party

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I love the idea of handwritten thank you notes but, honestly, who has the time for that? Running around after two very active children means that by the end of the day I am exhausted – and that’s in a week that excludes any kind of party planning, never mind the actual Party Day.

That said, I believe it is important to thank the guests for attending and for the gifts they gave your precious one. Yes, you fed them and gave them party packs, but a thank you that acknowledges each person individually is special.

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So, how do you say thank you in a techno-heavy world?

A text message, Whatsapp or BBM is short and sweet. You could also send a brief voice recording of your child saying thank you – which is a way to actively involve your child while teaching the importance of gratitude.

Email is another option. You could include some photos of the partygoer having fun, or of the birthday girl holding the gift and smiling. (If she doesn’t like the gift, make her smile anyway.)

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A phone call is a personal way to say thank you. Use your free minutes and keep it short – you don’t have to have a long, involved conversation. “I’m just calling to say thanks for coming to the party and for Poppet’s pony*,” lets the person know they’re not going to be talking for hours. Even better, have your child phone the other child. (If you’re like me and hate talking on the phone, this is the option for you.)

*Please, no one buy Poppet a pony for her birthday.

What are your thoughts on thank you notes?


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