Some Help for Mums on the Run – and a GIVEAWAY

***This giveaway is now closed.***

Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending a “Mums on the Run” workshop with Leigh Fowle, Laura le Roux and Belinda Mountain. The workshop is focused on equipping parents to boost their children’s education using everyday life.

The workshop is run by Raquel Nielsen of A-Z Tutoring. She has a BSc degree in Molecular Cell Biology, a BSc Honours in Biotechnology and a postgrad certificate in mathematics. She is also so enthusiastic about education that it practically bubbles out of her every time she speaks.

First on the agenda was the topic of homework. Poppet will be in grade R next year (eek!) and apparently that means homework will be part of our family routine before we know it. Possibly even before we’re ready for it. Raquel mentioned the importance of changing your child’s thinking to look at homework itself as learning and not just more work in addition to studying.

Raquel also spoke about how we can develop numeracy and literacy with things we use and do in the house. She suggested focused questions to ask while baking together and told us how food like pizza can help with understanding fractions. (Just in case you were looking for an excuse to justify eating more pizza.)

We also discussed how important it is to motivate your child and what kind of reward system works best. Raquel then shared how vital it is not to transfer any of our unconscious issues to our children. It’s no secret that maths was never my favourite subject. The only reason I took it to matric was because I wasn’t allowed to drop it. Note to self: don’t mention that to the girls.

Another topic under discussion was how to communicate with your child’s teacher, particularly if there is a problem. We’ve been fortunate to have had good relationships with all the girls’ teachers so far. Of course, they are only in preschool.

We also spoke about introducing technology into learning. Basically, if you don’t have Tetris, get it.

The workshop is maths-focused, but as a self-confessed maths-phobe, I found it helpful to see how I can instill an understanding of basic maths concepts in my children before they even start learning school maths.

Now, for the good news: Raquel is offering you a space at the next “Mums on the Run” workshop on Friday, 13 March.

To enter the giveaway:
– Simply comment on this post.
– For an extra entry, share this post on FB/Twitter and leave a second comment stating where you shared it.

The competition closes on Monday, 2 March at 9am. The winner will be announced immediately after the draw.

***Please note, the workshop will take place in Glen Vista, Johannesburg south.***


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