Impromptu Date (Don’t Try This At Home)

When you become a parent, quality time with your spouse often gets neglected in favour of quality time with your pillow. So when you get an opportunity for a date, you have to take it, no matter how unconventional or unromantic it may seem.

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Our church has a parents’ lounge where you can watch the service on a screen while your children serenely play on the carpet. Or, if they’re Poppet and Pixie, run amok. There is also tea and coffee for us sleep-deprived zombie parents.

After the service on Sunday morning, Hubby was washing the mugs when he cut his finger on the milk jug. I didn’t look at the cut because I usually pass out at the sight of other’s blood but our friends gathered around and agreed: it needed stitches.

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I dropped Hubby off at Medicross, dropped the girls off at my parents’ house, then returned to Medicross. I found Hubby in Casualty, looking quite relaxed, and we spent the next hour just chatting. (Medicross is crazy busy on a Sunday, guys. Don’t go unless you’re dying.) A whole hour with my husband! Without children clamouring for attention! What a weird experience.

(I have to wonder, though; is it okay to leave a wound an hour before stitching it up? Shouldn’t that be kind of urgent?)

One tetanus shot and three stitches later, we finally walked out of Medicross. It was good to have an impromptu date with Hubby but I think next time we’ll try to avoid the bloodshed.

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Have you had a similar experience?



  1. I agree with Laura – take what you can get! When we had people around to babysit we went off to movies even though Nicky was sick. The first thing he did when I got back was puke all over me. Back to being a mom!

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