Lekker Lunchboxes

Poppet and Pixie have two breakfasts during the week: one at home and one at school. They also get a cooked lunch at school (so I feel less guilty when supper consists of fruit and sandwiches). I do have to send a mid-morning snack, though, and it’s hard to keep from falling into the rut of Mini Cheddars, yoghurt and a banana every day. Luckily for me (and you) there’s Pinterest.

For those of you who are also running low on lunchbox ideas, here’s a list of inspiration for you. You’re welcome.

5 Dollar Dinners has 31 days of lunchbox ideas as well as free printables to help you compile affordable, healthy lunchboxes for your kids.

Keeley McGuire offers 20 non-sandwich lunch ideas for kids with allergies or gluten intolerance.

Princess Pinky Girl has a link-up to 100+ lunchbox ideas for you. She also gives some tips on how to successfully pack a lunch box.

Very Culinary has some yummy ideas that don’t require a lot of time to prepare.

Following In My Shoes has ideas for lunchboxes that can be made the night before. This will help free up some time to sleep later in the morning, or have a cup of coffee, or just slow the routine down. Some of the ideas are gluten-free.

My Life and Kids links to 30 lunchbox ideas for your kids.

Image credit: a2zlifestyle.com

Image credit: a2zlifestyle.com

A Bowl Full of Simple has some advice on not driving yourself nuts making lunches.

This blog has some healthy lunch options.

Family Fresh Meals has some holiday-themed lunchbox ideas.

Paging Fun Moms has 20+ ideas for kids who don’t like sandwiches.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really, really hungry now.

What do you normally pack in your child’s lunchbox?



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