Princess Lessons: Sisters Are Special

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Poppet and Pixie may have been late to the Frozen party, but they are now hardcore Frozen-philes. We have daily karaoke sessions and re-enactments of various scenes, and sometimes the girls refer to each other as Elsa and Anna. Poppet even says certain words (“can’t”, for example) with an American accent because Elsa speaks with an American accent. And, while their devotion (read: obsession) with all things Arandelle drives me a little bit nuts, I have to admit that Elsa and Anna are pretty good role models.

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We’ll start with Elsa, since she’s the firstborn and Queen, and whatnot. She’s Poppet’s favourite character, though not actually the protagonist of the story. She’s a protective older sister, to the point where she’ll remove herself from Anna’s life to keep Anna safe. Despite being warned by the most adorable trolls ever that fear leads to the Dark Side – wait, what? – Elsa is so afraid of hurting anyone with her powers that she lets her fear consume her. Instead of embracing who she is, she hides her powers until one argument with her sister leads to an eternal winter. Overreaction, much?

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Anna is desperate to be close to Elsa, and her lifelong rejection sends her straight into the arms of Prince Hans, Mr. Too Good To Be True. (Spoiler alert. Sorry, not sorry.) She’s the typical second child: slightly wild and fearless. Anna will do whatever it takes to bring her sister back, and to save her life.

What I want my own Elsa and Anna to learn from these princesses is simple: love your sister unconditionally; share your secrets with each other; protect each other.

I want my girls to explore their talents, to be comfortable with who they are, and not be afraid to make mistakes.

I want my girls to know that love is more powerful than fear, that the bond between sisters must be cherished, and that singing your heart out to a power ballad can actually be as liberating as the movies make it seem.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s karaoke time and I hear the opening beats of “Let It Go”.

What do you like best about Frozen?



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