Princess Lessons: Love, Love, Love

Beauty and the Beast is probably my favourite of the classic Disney princess films. Of all the princesses, I relate most to Belle – the bookworm and the dreamer.

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One of the most romantic gestures I can think of is the Beast giving Belle that amazing library. I get breathless just thinking about it. All those books! (I hope Belle did all the reading she wanted before she became a mother, because children have a negative impact on a parent’s recreational reading.)

Probably Belle’s most impressive quality is her heart. She is devoted to her father and gives up her freedom for his. She turns down Gaston in a remarkably graceful manner. She feels compassion for the Beast and becomes his friend, then falls in love with the man inside.

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Another thing that makes Belle so cool is that she shows us you can be a beauty and a brain. Poppet and Pixie are both gorgeous and smart – biased mother alert! – and I don’t ever want them to feel that they should play down their intelligence in order to impress or be accepted.

Beauty and the Beast shows us that a person’s outward appearance does not necessarily reflect what is in the heart. Gaston, the village hunk, is also the village jerk. The Beast has a good heart but he has to learn to love.

I want my daughters to look deeper than the surface when choosing friends. I want them to value the person’s heart above their appearance, reputation and social status. I want my daughters to have hearts that are filled to overflowing with love and compassion – hearts like Belle’s.

What do you like most about Belle?



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