Princess Lessons: Choose Wisely

Sleeping Beauty is one of the few princess movies we don’t have our own copy of, so I haven’t watched it as often as, say, Frozen. Pixie is convinced that Aurora is actually Barbie, and I can see why she thinks that. I’ve given up correcting her.

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We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty, right? Evil fairy gets upset at not receiving an invitation to princess’ christening, curses baby, baby grows up and, like all teenagers, sleeps forever. Along comes a handsome prince with true love’s kiss, and all is well once more.

The most important lesson, obviously, is to choose wisely when drawing up the guest list for your child’s christening. The crazy aunt you don’t invite probably won’t show up and rain down curses on your family, but will she leave her secret millions to your princess in her will one day? Doubtful.

Another lesson is to choose your babysitters carefully. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather seemed responsible enough, but then they got into a fight about a dress and led Maleficent right to Aurora.

Then there’s the message that parents really don’t want to hear: you can’t protect your child from everything. The king and queen thought that by getting rid of all the spinning wheels in the land, they had removed the threat. But all that did was to ensure Aurora’s curiosity when she finally saw a spinning wheel for the first time.

I think as parents we want to shield our children from all the dangers in the world, but that’s impossible. There is only so much we can do but in the end they have to make their own choices, learn their own lessons and fight their own battles. We should teach our children, but not wrap them in cotton wool. I don’t want daughters so sheltered that they have no idea how to cope with a world that doesn’t coddle them or cater to their every whim.

How do you find the balance between protecting your children without being overprotective?



  1. So true. I always take Nicky out into the road with me to take the dustbin out, being careful of course, but I think it stood me in good stead the day the gate was open – he knew to stay out the road.

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