7 Great (Inexpensive) Gift Ideas For Girls

Your child has been invited to a birthday party. You’re pinching pennies but still want to give the birthday girl a special present. Your mind is blank, the party is a few days away, and you’re stuck for ideas. Dear zombie, this post is for you.

1. Hair accessories

Clips, hair bands, alice bands, head bands, sparkly things – most shops will have an assortment of hair accessories. The elaborate ones tend to be pricy, but most are reasonable. And what little girl doesn’t want something pretty for her hair? This works as a gift for girls of all ages, even hairless babies, because they’ll keep until needed.


2. Stickers

My girls love stickers. When they get hold of a sheet, nothing is safe. I have to pick stickers off the floor, couch, their clothes, their hair, the washing machine. They use stickers when they do crafts, when they play “Teacher”, when they make cards. Stickers, in our house at least, are always going to be received with glee.

3. Nail polish

Pastel colours and glitter polish are the way to go, especially if the girl in question is a tween or younger. Poppet likes to have her nails painted, though she still struggles to sit still while the polish dries, and her fingernails don’t last too long before the paint chips. Pixie is starting to get interested, but she can only sit still for a single coat of polish.

4. Dress-up clothes and accessories

Costume jewellery isn’t too expensive. The Crazy Store and Evermore are two of my favourite places to shop for random dress-up accessories. Hats, masks, feather boas, handbags . . . You can also find some great dress-up outfits at thrift stores. I’m not talking about princess dresses or character costumes, but there are a lot of gems in the form of vintage clothing just waiting to be discovered. You can also find gloves, scarves and jewellery at cheap prices.


5. Bubble bath

It is never too early for a girl to appreciate the luxury of bubbles, especially if it’s character bubble bath. Bonus points to you if you give her bubble bath that fits the theme of her party.

6. A pretty photo frame

Again, a gift for all age groups. Moms can put a special baby photo in a frame gifted to a toddler, schoolgirls can frame a picture of their BFF, teens can frame a photo of their hunk du jour. But giving a frame with a photo already in it can also be something special.

7. A cupcake kit

Obviously, this only applies if the birthday girl enjoys baking. Snowflake has a fun range of themed cupcake kits that aren’t expensive. This is probably more suited to an older child rather than a toddler – unless the toddler’s mom also likes baking. (I like baking, by the way.)


What other gift ideas would you suggest?



  1. Thank you for the excellent suggestions! My little girl Acacia turned 4 two weeks ago, we gave her a little electronic keyboard which she was happy with but the real “ooohhhs” of delight came from the hair accessories.

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