10 Healthy Snack Options For Kids’ Parties


With Poppet’s birthday this month, and Pixie’s next month, I’ve had parties on my brain for a while. Poppet has been planning her parties since she was two – yes, really! – giving strict instructions on the guest list (I had to put my foot down when she wanted her whole school last year), the cake (chocolate, even though she doesn’t eat cake herself), and what snacks to serve (“Sweets, Mommy!”). She is already starting to talk about next year’s party – and we haven’t even had this year’s yet!

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be doing a party series, which I hope you’ll find helpful the next time you’re planning your little one’s special day. First up: some healthier options for the snack table.

1. Fruit kebabs


Image credit: www.aldi.co.uk

Image credit: http://www.aldi.co.uk

This shouldn’t be too expensive if you stick to what’s in season. My girls are fruitaholics so they love these.

2. Veggie crudites with hummus dip

Cucumber and carrot sticks, baby corn, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers . . . mmmm.

3. Popcorn

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

It takes two minutes in the microwave. Serve it unsalted – the kids won’t mind.

4. Carrot cupcakes

Image credit: gimmesomeoven.com

Image credit: gimmesomeoven.com

Put some cream cheese icing on a carrot muffin and voila – a cupcake!

5. Frozen yoghurt popsicles

Image credit: nutrivize.com

Image credit: nutrivize.com

You can add some chopped fruit before freezing to boost the yumminess factor.

6. Roast veggie chips

Image credit: drgullo.com

Image credit: drgullo.com

Forget all the MSG-riddled rubbish, pop some sliced sweet potato, butternut and parsnips in the oven to roast. Delish!

7. A watermelon boat

A bit of effort, but how cool is this boat? If you’d rather, just serve sliced watermelon.

8. Pretzels

Poppet and Pixie love pretzels and could easily polish off the whole bag if I’d let them.

9. Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Image credit: threesbarandgrill.com

Image credit: threesbarandgrill.com

Always a winning combination.

10. Biltong

Image credit: themarketbarrow.co.za

Image credit: themarketbarrow.co.za

You can’t get more South African than this.

What would you add to the list?




  1. Some lovely ideas there. Sat was my sons 7th birthday and my daughter’s 4th was a fortnight before. I am so relieved to have parties off my mind. I will try to remember these as by Sat night I could not bear the thought of anything other than salad. After the party I promised myself that next year there will be much more healthy stuff.

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