I gave birth to a monkey!

I gave birth to a monkey!

Okay, not really. But I got your attention, didn’t I?

When I was pregnant with Pixie, I prayed that she would be my calm, quiet child. I couldn’t imagine having another Energiser Bunny like Poppet – I didn’t think I had the energy for it. But God had other plans, and even in the womb, Pixie was a busy little baby. Once she’d arrived and started to show us her developing personality, it became clear that she would be even busier than her sister – something I hadn’t known was possible.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIf I could bottle Pixie’s energy and sell it, I’d be a multi-gazillionaire by now. Even if she has been up all night, she will bounce around the house the next morning, often crashing into Zombie Mom and Zombie Dad who are shuffling too slowly to get out of her way in time.

Pixie is a petite little thing, but she loves to play rough, especially with her uncles. When they flip her over or throw her up in the air, she’s in her happy place. She also loves to climb things – the couch, chairs, beds, the table. She likes bananas. Sometimes she clings to me like a baby monkey clings to its mama . . .

Hmm. Maybe I did give birth to a monkey after all.



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