Review: Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings

In Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings we are introduced to a new part of Pixie Hollow: the Winter Woods. Despite the rule that summer fairies and winter fairies may not cross the border into each others’ seasons, Tinker Bell can’t resist. (Of course she can’t resist – that’s why we love her.) Determined to discover why her wings sparkle in the snow, Tinker Bell sneaks across again in search of the Keeper of All Fairy Knowledge. She learns that she has a sister, Periwinkle, but just as the two fairies begin to bond, Tinker Bell is sent back to summer and the sisters are forbidden from further contact. But when a Freeze threatens the Pixie Dust Tree, summer and winter fairies must work together to save Pixie Hollow.

tink2It is no secret that I love the Tinker Bell movies. So does Poppet, so much that she insists I buy her the Tinker Bell yoghurt for school. (She keeps asking me why there are only three fairies featured on the yoghurt cups: Tinker Bell, Iridessa and Silver Mist. So: Dear Pick ‘n Pay, please put Vidia, Rosetta and Fawn on the cups too. Poppet will be a loyal customer forever if you do.)

We bought Poppet Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings as a present after she had her grommets put in. It was actually the first Tinker Bell movie we ever watched – and what an introduction to the world of fairies!

The characters are so much fun: Clank and his fear of icebergs (“They’re so stealthy!”); Fairy Mary trying her best to keep everything running smoothly; Dewey and his odd accent; the bookworms in the library who keep eating the pages of the books. Then there’s the tragedy of a forbidden love – the reason for the ‘no crossing’ rule. There’s also a cameo vocal appearance by Jodi Benson. We love Jodi Benson. Not only because she’s Ariel. She is also Barbie in the Toy Story films and does the Baby Faith series. Poppet sometimes likes to pretend she’s Ariel, and sometimes she pretends she’s Jodi Benson. (Thank you, DVD special features, which Poppet has to watch, no matter how many times she’s seen them before.)

I would say that this is a perfect film for mothers to watch with their young daughters, but my husband enjoys it too, so let’s go with “a great film for the whole family”. As usual, the animation is top-notch, the music is fun, and the actors do a terrific job. If you have little (or not-so-little) girls in your house, then this film is a must-have for your DVD collection.


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