Review: Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure

Tinkerbell is chosen to make the sceptre for the Autumn Revelry. When a mishap results in the destruction of both the sceptre and the rare moonstone needed for the celebration, Tinkerbell goes in search of a magic mirror that will undo the damage. Afraid to tell anyone what has happened, she sets off alone. Along the way, she discovers the importance of relying on her friends and learns how to ask for help.

My family loves the Tinkerbell movies. Poppet sits enthralled from beginning to end, peppering me with questions afterwards. (We once spent a 15-minute car ride discussing plot points of the various Tinkerbell movies.) Pixie bops along to the songs. Even Hubby gets lost in the story. (Shame, he really needs that man-cave.)


In Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Tinkerbell is not presented as a perfect fairy. There is mischief hinted at in reference to “the stinkbug incident”; she gets frustrated with her best friend; she loses her temper. But she is also shown apologising when she realises she is in the wrong; she doesn’t sit around feeling sorry for herself but tries to find a solution; and she works hard to do what is asked of her. All of which makes her a pretty good role model for little girls. Besides, which little girl do you know who doesn’t want fairy wings? (Hubby was told the other day to buy some pixie dust so Poppet’s fairy wings would work.)

I asked Poppet what her favourite part of the movie was, “The theatre part,” she said. Truly the child of an actor and a writer. She and Pixie have decided the entrance hall at Nana’s house is their theatre, and every time we visit they give us a show.

The DVD extras include a tour of Pixie Hollow and some very hilarious outtakes. The animation is good, there is humour that appeals to adults, and the cast includes Anjelica Huston, Mae Whitman, Lucy Liu and Kristen Chenoweth.

If you’re looking for an entertaining, wholesome movie for your little ones, then I recommend Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure. In fact, I recommend all the Tinkerbell movies.

Now, where did I put my fairy wings?

Caution: There is a chase sequence involving rats which could potentially be frightening for sensitive young souls.


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