Because I Said So

Poppet is a chatterbox. So is Pixie. Pixie, however, is still just a babbler but Poppet has entered the Age of Why, also referred to as the Age of Please-Stop-Talking-For-Just-One-Second!

“Mommy, why is Pixie’s hair black and my hair brown? Why weren’t me and Pixie in your tummy at the same time? Why am I a girl?”

Answer A: Because that’s how God wanted it. Poppet accepts this answer quite easily, but sometimes follows up with, “Why does God want it like that?” Theological questions from a three-year-old. No pressure, Mom.

“Mommy, why are you wearing those shoes? I want you to wear the other shoes. Why are you wearing those clothes? Why aren’t you wearing your jeans?”

Answer B: Because I want to wear these. Poppet is quite the little fashionista. She picks her own clothes in the morning, sometimes chooses what Pixie will wear, and always comments on other people’s clothes when we are out.

“Mommy, why did Tinkerbell break the moonstone? Why did Ariel marry Prince Eric? Why did the ugly sisters break Cinderella’s dress? Why did the Chicken Man steal Woody?”

Answer C: Why do you think he/she did that? This is an especially useful answer, particularly if you have only ever seen parts of the movie in question and have absolutely no idea what she is asking.

“Mommy, why am I having this for supper? Why can’t I have chips? Why can’t I have a Kinder Joy? Why can’t I have juice? Why must I have my vitamins?”

Answer D: Because I said so. I say this a lot. Sometimes I limit it to a single, “Because.” Isn’t that a mother’s right?

Answering questions repeatedly can be tiring, but it is an interesting insight to how Poppet’s mind works and what is important to her. I have learned to tell when she is genuinely curious about something and when she is just trying to drive me nuts. (A lot of the time, she is just trying to drive me nuts.) Her questions might be silly to me now, but I’ll answer them anyway, because one day she’ll ask the questions that really matter.


Talk to me. Seriously. You have no idea how badly I'm craving adult conversation.

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